4 pack sloped

Simpleas Snacks - What's your favourite flavour?

What's your favourite flavour? Smoky Paprika Cheese & Herb Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Lightly Salted Haven't tried them all yet? Pick up a mixed box from www. simpleas-snacks.

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peas in June

Pea crop update...

Did you know the UK is home to 700 pea farmers who produce around 160,000 tonnes every year - that is a lot of peas!   Our own pea crop is continuing…

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Healthy Eating Week 13-17 June '22

This week is British Nutrition Foundation's Healthy Eating Week. Todays focus is on FIBRE and ideally you should include 25g a day of fibre in your diet.

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It started with a pea…

Our pea crop is looking good in the sunshine this week! All our peas are locally grown across Norfolk and Suffolk and in just a few short weeks they will be…

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