2018 Pea Crop

'Flouring' Nicely

by Vicki Myhill on 15.6.2018

A recent photo and update from our agronomist shows the 2018 novofarina crop of yellow peas flowering and growing well in the Norfolk countryside - acres of plant-based nutrition. Once harvested this crop will go on to create our gluten free, high protein pea flour.

But it isn't only us who benefit from introducing peas in to our daily diet, helping to balance our nutrition and improve our health; the growing of peas also contributes to the health of the environment. Peas are both sustainable and environmentally friendly taking nitrogen from the air and transporting it into the soil via the plant’s root system removing the need for nitrogen fertilisers and making them perfect for crop rotation. Peas also have a low carbon footprint compared to animal protein and require less water consumption compared to other root crops.