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Local Flavours 2018

by Vicki Myhill on 1.10.2018

This year saw Novo Farina's first time attendance at the 6th annual Local Flavours event at the Norfolk Showground, an event that attracts buyers from across the UK keen to support local food and drink producers in the East of England.

A steady stream of interest from supermarkets, wholesale food distributors, restaurants, cafes and farm shops alike kept us busy all day with requests for samples to be sent and conversations to be continued.


Particular interest was received in our novofarina gluten free breadcrumbs, made from our own pea flour, and showcased by serving chicken bites, dusted in novofarina flour and rolled in our breadcrumbs. The result was a delightfully light, crispy and tasty crumb which got everyone's taste buds talking, whilst packing a powerful protein punch.

Our signature lemon drizzle cake, made from 100% novofarina pea flour, was once again the talk of the day, surprising even the most accomplished cake makers and chefs!

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