sausage roll off

2019 Sausage Roll Off

by Vicki Myhill on 14.2.2019

It's the third year that Charlie Hodson has entered the annual Sausage Roll off held at the Red Lion Barnes, a live cooking event where around 20 professional chefs take their turns to create, roll and bake their own take on the Sausage Roll!

This year’s offering was held on 30th January and Charlie once again took his inspiration and ingredients list from no less then a dozen food producers all within a 28 mile radius of Norwich, novofarina gluten free panko crumb, seen spinkled on top of the roll, being one of them! Charlie revealed he'd never made the roll before the night and was going to essentially 'wing it' relying on the quality of his ingredients, it paid off as his sausage roll was awarded second place!

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