Gluten Free Panko crumb

High Protein & High Fibre

Extruded from Novo Farina pea flour, we have developed a light and crispy crumb for coating, filling and binding applications which can be provided in a range of textures. 

Our crumb is ideal for coating a wide range of products including meat, poultry, fish and vegetables and can be used in conjunction with novofarina pre-dusts and batter mixes.

  • Golden colour and crispy bite
  • Light, flaky and airy texture allowing a Japanese and Panko style
  • Suitable for frying, grilling and baking applications
  • Healthier due to the low oil/fat pick-up during the flash frying stage
  • Long shelf life due to low fat and pea-based properties
  • Clean label with only one major ingredient – yellow pea flour
  • No additives or preservatives
  • 100% British origin and thus provenance assured

For more information on this and our other products please contact us on or 01603 980098.