Customer Feedback

What do our customers think about our Gluten Free Pea Flour And Pea crumb?

I have had the pleasure of using your pea flour and have used it now to make vegan chocolate chip cookies, a shortcrust pastry for a quiche and little parmesan biscuits made from the left over pastry trimmings - the quality of the flour is excellent, as is the taste.

I did have to use a little extra water for the pastry and had to roll it between parchment paper to prevent cracking but it did make a beautiful pastry. The parmesan biscuits were the best tasting ones I've made to date! The cookies were enjoyed by my husbands colleagues so much that one or two want the recipe! Debs McAllister

Lush scotch eggs made with novofarina pea flour and crumb. Emma Douglas-Beat


I came along to a talk you gave to the YIELD group at the Royal Norfolk Showground a while back and have been trying your flour. We have made toad in the hole, pancakes and battered fish with it so far and it has been a great success. Really fantastic rise on the Yorkshire Puddings and no pea flavour in anything once cooked. Really exciting product! Aiden Watts

I have just made my first batch of Brownies using your pea flour. They smelt great while cooking in the oven, with the end result just as tempting.

They are super tasty, a lovely texture and super squidgy in the middle as every good Brownie should be. I will definitely bake with this flour again especially as it is high in fibre and protein. Fiona Hare

"Tried the flour and breadcrumbs to make non native signal crayfish ‘scampi’ (with egg too) and they worked beautifully! The crayfish scampi were crunchy and absolutely delicious, with the breadcrumbs having a nice large crumb texture (like panko breadcrumbs), Fish in pea flour and breadcrumbs (and local egg) was also crunchy and scrummy! Fabulous, will try cauliflower in breadcrumbs next!" Abby crayfish

"I bought some lovely flour from you at the Norfolk show. I’ve used it to successfully to thicken casseroles or sauces." Ruth Killow

"Made a cheese sauce using your flour. Verdict - really creamy, loved it!" Amanda Brown 

"I bought some of your pea flour at the Norfolk Show and am very pleased with it. Would like to be in touch and will be ordering some more." Liz Nichols

"I bought a few bags of your flour that you were selling at the Royal Norfolk Show, I was just wondering what other recipes you offer?" Beckii Wallace