Customer Feedback

What do our customers think about our Gluten Free Pea Flour And Breadcrumb?

"Tried the flour and breadcrumbs to make non native signal crayfish ‘scampi’ (with egg too) and they worked beautifully! The crayfish scampi were crunchy and absolutely delicious, with the breadcrumbs having a nice large crumb texture (like panko breadcrumbs), Fish in pea flour and breadcrumbs (and local egg) was also crunchy and scrummy! Fabulous, will try cauliflower in breadcrumbs next!" Abby crayfish

"I bought some lovely flour from you at the Norfolk show. I’ve used it to successfully to thicken casseroles or sauces." Ruth Killow

"Made a cheese sauce using your flour. Verdict - really creamy, loved it!" Amanda Brown 

"I bought some of your pea flour at the Norfolk Show and am very pleased with it. Would like to be in touch and will be ordering some more." Liz Nichols

"I bought a few bags of your flour that you were selling at the Royal Norfolk Show, I was just wondering what other recipes you offer?" Beckii Wallace