New! Quick Hydrate Pea Mince

Our Quick Hydrate Pea Mince is a pioneering Pea Protein ingredient that can be added directly to a sauce and will hydrate in 5 minutes of cooking time.

This premium texturised vegetable protein (TVP) is ideal for quick-cook mince dishes and doesn't require pre-soak or hydrating - making it perfect for both Foodservice and Food Manufacturers looking for a simple, nutritious meat replacement. This clean-declaration product has a firm meaty texture that is retained after refrigerating or freezing and re-heating so is perfect for inclusion in Recipe Boxes and pre-prepared dishes. 

A veg-led, Soy-free alternative to vegan mince and superb in dishes that need the texture without the animal products!

  • British Made
  • Gluten Free
  • High protein
  • Source of fibre
  • Alternative to Soya
  • Vegan

Available in 10kg bags. 

Test a sample for yourself - this really is the future of plant-based protein.