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Pea Protein & Meat Alternatives for Pet Food

Plant-Based Pet Food Development Support

The rise of flexitarianism in today’s conscious consumer isn’t just changing the content of our dinner plates, it’s also seeing changes in the bowls of our pets!

If you’re a pet food manufacturer looking to develop your plant-based product range or boost the protein content of your meat-based meals then get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements and our recommended ingredients.


Case Study: Providing a premium pet food brand with high protein meat replacement solutions for plant-based product innovation

Our customer produces high end, fresh pet food and have worked with Novo Farina as their supply partner of choice for creating 2 meat-free dishes for dogs. Their NPD brief was simple – they wanted to keep their hero ingredients veg-centered and boost the protein content of the product with a clean declaration, veg-led meat replacement ingredient.

The solution was to use Ultra Fine Pea Protein to create a nutritionally complete, firm textured casserole with a 9% finished protein declaration and freshly prepared vegetables center stage. Our Ultra Fine Pea Protein helped develop the perfect combination and was suitable for their gentle steam cooking process.