Pea Powered High Protein Diets

Plant-Based Nutrition for Protein Powered Brands

The sports nutrition and protein market is thriving, with plant-based becoming a primary focus in product development.

We provide sports nutrition brands with clean label protein solutions for meal replacements and hydrate-to-eat one pot dishes.

Our quick hydrate, high protein pea chunks are ideal for creating products that meet the nutritional demands of gym-goers and protein-rich diets.

Speak to our team about your brand and product requirements.


Well known health & nutrition brand boost their plant-based products

Case Study: Private Label Vegan Protein Supplements

We worked with a leading supplier of bodybuilding supplements & sports nutrition products to provide a high protein, vegan supplement that met the brief for clean declaration, high nutrition and ease of use.

Our Pea Mince has been carefully portioned and conveniently packaged under a private label agreement, providing their customers with an instant protein boost or fix in meals, pre or post workout. Simply hydrate, mix and serve.