Felsted school

Transforming School Menus with Pea Mince

by Ellie Grubb on 30.4.2024

We recently had the pleasure of awarding Maria Hockley, Catering Manager at Felsted School, 'Boarding School of the Year', with a month's supply of pea mince as the winner of our Veganuary competition. Maria graciously shared her insights and feedback on incorporating this plant-based ingredient into the school's menu, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs of introducing new options to students.

Felsted School's menus operate on a 3 week rotation, always including a vegetarian option and featuring plant-based roasts during the Spring/Summer season. While the school offers a varied selection, introducing entirely meat-free days met resistance from students, highlighting the importance of balance and choice in catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Sustainability is a top priority at Felsted School, reflecting a broader commitment to helping the environment when selecting products. This ethos extends to menu planning, where fresh ingredients and sustainable alternatives are favoured to meet the nutritional needs of active students while minimising environmental impact.

Experimenting with plant-based alternatives, including pea mince, has been a pleasant surprise for Maria and her team. Initially met with scepticism, the pea mince proved to be a versatile and delicious meat replacement, seamlessly integrating into classic dishes like cottage pie with rave reviews from students and staff alike.

Pea mince's taste, texture, and versatility as a meat replacement exceeded expectations, offering an appetizing and nutritious alternative without compromising on flavour or satisfaction. To encourage students to try new options like pea mince, Maria plans to incorporate it into the menu rotation permanently and she is confident that these new dishes will be well-received by the school community.

Maria's experience is a great example of the potential of plant-based ingredients like pea mince in revolutionizing school menus. By embracing innovation, sustainability, and student preferences, Felsted School is leading the way in providing nutritious, tasty, and environmentally conscious dining options for the next generation.

As we continue to support schools and institutions to provide sustainable nutrition, we look forward to seeing the positive impact of pea mince and other plant-based solutions on school menus nationwide - get in touch if you'd like to try on your menu. 

Together, we can create a more sustainable and delicious future, one meal at a time.