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The Future of Free From

by Ellie Grubb on 23.10.2018

The place for fortification & functional food in a healthy free-from diet



Nutrients in food - what's required? What's needed?

Those eating free-from foods need to supplement to some degree because they could be cutting required antioxidants, proteins, minerals and vitamins from their diets. Although fortification is not yet mandatory for free-from, to what extent are manufacturers looking at fortification? Functional foods are created for people who need specific supplementation, and can be a good way of getting key nutrients into those on very restricted diets and with complex nutritional needs.

Novo Farina's, Chief Technical Officer, Dr Chris Harrison, will be talking at this event discussing 'Peas In Our Time' the oldest gluten free seed. 

Why not come and see what he and other industry experts have to say?