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Vegan Nourish Awards - Gold Winners 2023

by Ellie Grubb on 31.3.2023

NovoFarina are proud to announce we have won a GOLD award for our Simpleas Mince (Now renamed NovoTex Mince) in the Plant Based Protein & Small Meals category of the Vegan Nourish Awards 2023.

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Please see our submission below:

Serving suggestion ideas:

Our meat-free mince is amazingly versatile and can be used in many delicious and healthy meals; from Bolognese and chilli to lasagnes and more, our mince is a simple swap in turning all the classic recipes into tasty plant-based alternatives.

Innovation: unique qualities, innovation or what make it different from the competition.

Our mission is to elevate the humble pea and make real food we can all feel good about eating, whilst also being good for the planet. It is the UK’s first retail meat substitute made from 100% peas - a truly clean-label ingredient, ticking all the better-for you boxes and a suPEArior alternative to meat and Soya.

We process the whole pea, including the hull, which means it contains far more protein and fibre than other gluten-free flours. This also gives it considerable nutritional value, making it a much healthier ingredient.

Its gentle umami flavour, meat like texture and ease of use make it the prefect base for Italian, Mediterranean and Mexican meals. As an ambient product, with 12 months shelf life, it is also the prefect store cupboard staple.

Ethical: What steps to create an environmentally friendly product – packaging, air miles, sourcing raw materials.

Our mince is made in the UK using pea protein isolate from Europe and pea flour from our own sustainably sourced peas grown in East Anglia, with full traceability from farm to fork, therefore reducing food miles. We not only have a close working relationship with our group of growers, but we also have our own agronomist, ensuring we have stringent control and quality assurance from farm right through to the end product.

Peas are one of the best crops to ensure sustainable farming as they are nitrogen fixing. This means that they remove the dependency on fertiliser and provide a sustainable alternative to cereal crop production. There is also a reduction in carbon footprint as a plant-based food and improved protein production efficiency over animal protein.

Extra ideas:

The basis of Italian, Mediterranean and Mexican meals, our meat free mince is deliciously versatile.

Create meat-free favourites with our deliciously versatile ingredients – healthy meals, healthy body, healthy planet.


Feedback from the judges

Diana from the awards said "The judges loved the mince, it was one of their favorites from the entire day!"

Comments from the judges themselves included: 

"The product is amazing since it is made 100% of peas. Love the sustainability story."

"As a vegan, I am always looking for innovation and this ticks the box!"

"Good texture, great nutritional's making this a good option as a replacement."

"Great product. Love the texture, takes flavour on well. I'd buy this."

"Really good texture. Would like to experiment further."


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